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Is It Time To Upgrade To Offsite Storage?

Do you want the extra security of knowing your files are being safely maintained in a record storage facility, or maybe you have an office that makes keeping records difficult due to space? By using an offsite storage service, you are giving yourself peace of mind and added protection that your files are being properly handled while also making organization much easier.

Although it would be nice if shredding could be the one-stop fix to all of our document management issues, there are often cases where you need to keep files but have nowhere to put them. Let’s learn more about all the ways you can benefit from upgrading your record management to offsite storage to better store your confidential files.

Benefits of Offsite Storage

Frees Up Space

One of the most common reasons people use offsite storage is to clear up physical space in their office. Offsite storage can help you declutter your office and make it a more pleasant place to work. In addition to this, your company may simply generate way more files and documents than the location you are currently in can comfortably house. You can’t dispose of documents that are currently important and useful to running your business, so offsite storage is the best solution. By using this method of storage, you get both security and space!

Increased Protection

When you store your documents offsite, you can rest assured knowing they are in a secure location. Time Document Storage has offsite storage facilities with state-of-the-art security systems in place to protect your documents from theft, fire, and water damage. Our staff takes your protection just as seriously, as they have all been thoroughly background checked and have confidentiality agreements.

Cost Reduction

Offsite storage is a more cost-effective solution than on-premises storage, particularly if you don’t have the space to store physical records onsite or the budget to maintain your offsite location. By using a trusted company like Time Document Storage, there’s comfort in knowing that you don’t have to do all the work to get the best results. By outsourcing your storage to us, there’s a potential to downsize and save money on the costs of a bigger building.


When your documents are stored offsite, they are organized and easily accessible when you need them. You can quickly retrieve any document you need without having to search through piles of paper; instead of diving through files in a completely unorganized fashion, having a storage service that uses barcodes can speed up the process immensely.

Time Document Storage makes it even easier for you to find what you need quickly and easily. Using our online customer application, you can use the internet to manage your records from any computer using a secure login. That way, you can access them to easily search, track, and make service requests. We use barcode technology to make finding what you need to be a quick and painless process.


Depending on the industry field, there are compliance law requirements businesses and services have to abide by by using a document storage company that understands how to better facilitate your compliance and privacy needs. Maintaining ongoing compliance is extremely important, not only for your company but for your clients and patients who trust in your ongoing dedication to their privacy.

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Now that you know more about offsite storage, take control of your storage problems by handing them over to a company you can trust to keep you organized, compliant, and completely secure. Time Document Storage has been a staple in record storage services since 1968, providing an alternative to those currently struggling with storage.


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