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Store your inactive medical records with Time Document Storage. We can give you a quote today and move your patient charts into storage as soon as tomorrow. So give us a call to get started.

Speak to a Medical Record Expert

Our experienced staff is standing by to speak with you about your offsite records storage needs. They will go over our services and put together a comprehensive proposal that is based on your needs that will be email to you for your review. They can also schedule the pickup of your items into storage.

Secure Medical Records Storage Facilities

We understand the importance of securing your medical records. Our record storage centers are safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant. Each facility is protected with advanced security and fire suppression systems that are monitored 24/7. Only our staff and pre-approved individuals who have signed confidentiality agreements are granted access to our buildings. Your records are stored on special high-density shelving and identified only by barcode to maintain the utmost privacy for protected health information (PHI).

Patient File Access

Your patient files are picked up, inventoried and indexed to your specifications. You are given access to our online document management system that continuous tracks your files. Every box of patient records stored with us receives a unique barcode so you have a complete inventory and document audit trail. You will be able to request files by telephone, fax, email or online. We can deliver the requested records to your office same day or next day.

patient file access

Medical Records Shredding

Our NAID AAA Certified shredding services is HIPAA compliant. When your patient records reach the end of their required retention we can destroy them for you. All of your medical charts in storage can have destruction dates assigned to them in our system. You can review those dates and advise us that you want the records shredded. Our state-of-the-art, industrial shredders destroy your files into tiny, unrecognizable particles. We will provide you with Certificate of Destruction that documents your compliance with HIPAA secure disposal requirements.

Your Trusted Business Associate

HIPAA defines companies that provide service to Healthcare Providers as Business Associates. Though the guidelines and regulations of HIPAA are not directly enforced upon Business Associates, but rather on the Healthcare Providers themselves, it is critical for Healthcare Providers to partner with the right vendors. At TIME Record Storage, we meticulously comply with every detail of the Security and Privacy regulations of HIPAA. In addition, we adhere and follow the guidelines by HL7 EHR Security and Privacy Issues and JCAHO of the joint Commission ( We help Healthcare Providers to fulfill the PHI Privacy and Security requirements as it relates to HIPAA Compliant Storage of medical records and medical documents. We always enter into a written agreement with each physician, physician group or any Healthcare organization that we will honor the privacy guidelines established by HIPAA and maintain technical and personnel safeguards to maintain the security of that information.

HIPAA & Government Compliance

Compliance with The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 is required for the Privacy Rule on April 14, 2003.

HIPAA calls for:

Protection of confidentiality and security of health data through setting and enforcing standards.

Security standards protecting the confidentiality and integrity of “individually identifiable health information,” past, present or future.

TIME Document Storage serves the medical community in the Greater New York and New Jersey markets by providing HIPAA Compliant Storage with certified systems and facilities for the confidential and secure storage and management of all private patient information records. Our systems assure you that only authorized personnel with proper access rights and security clearance will be given permission to request records and receive records.

Please contact TIME Record Storage today to see how we can assist you with your HIPAA Compliant Storage needs.

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