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There are many ways your company will benefit from our document storage services. Here are some of the facts you may not realize about your companies records.


40% of the average workers time is spent looking for documents needed to do their job

$120 is the average cost in labor to track down a misplaced document

$250 is the cost for the average company to recreate a lost document

7.5% of all documents get lost

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TIME Document Storage will help you to manage your records so your employees will have more time to do their job.
• Online access to your complete document inventory
• Next day and same day delivery or your records
• With our Document Management Software you will know where your documents are at all times​

10-20% of the average office space is used to store documents and records

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TIME Document Storage will help you free up valuable office space with cost effective, safe and secure off-site document storage. Use the space for more revenue producing purposes for your business.

80% of filed papers are never referenced again

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TIME Document Storage will help you identify the low and no activity documents so they can be stored off-site. Having less files that are more active will make the time to locate a document much less.

25% is the rate paper documents grow in the United States per year

The use of emails in the average office increases paper printing by 40%.

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TIME Document Storage will provide you with all of the necessary off-site storage to accommodate the continued growth of your business records. Our facilities are outfitted with specialty shelving made for the proper storage of boxed documents.

Keeping records beyond their required or necessary retention can increase exposure to negative inference in audit or litigation.

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TIME Document Storage’s Document Management Services will help you prepare a “Record Retention Schedule” that will help to control storage costs and reduce many other exposures.

73% of businesses do not have a disaster recovery plan. In the event of a disaster only 10% of those companies will survive

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TIME Document Off-Site Document Storage Services safeguards your business’s information in the event of a disaster in your office’s and they are always available when you want them.

Start Storing Your Business Records Right Away

Give Time Document Storage a call today so we can review your record storage needs with you. We will be able to put together a proposal for the archiving of your documents and all the related services you will need and it can be emailed to you today. You files can be moved to storage as soon as tomorrow and you will have immediate access to your files whenever you need them. We service Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey. Our secure document storage centers are located on Long Island and in New Jersey.

We look forward to speaking with you about your record storage needs so give us a call today.

Give Time Document Storage a call today.

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