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At Time Document Storage our record storage centers are designed to properly store and protect your information on paper. Each of our facilities employ industry leading security and protection technology including security and fire detection systems with specialty equipment to support the long term preservation of your business records. When you store your company information with Time Document Storage you can be confident that your records are safe and available whenever you need them.

Access to Facility

Our company maintains a secure environment at all times. Only Management and designated employees will be allowed to have full access to our facilities.

Visitors To Our Record Storage Facilities

Visitors are permitted to our facilities by appointment only. All visitors must be pre-approved and must sigh in and show government issued photo identification. Visitors must wear a visitors badge at all times and must be chaperoned by Time Document Storage Staff. All visitors will have limited access to designated areas only.

Security at Our Document Storage Centers

In addition to the access limitations, we utilize the following security measures:

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Perimeter doors to our record storage centers remain locked and secured at all times. Visitors will be advised by signage to alert the occupants of their presence by pushing a doorbell.

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Each of our storage facility has closed circuit internal video security systems to monitor the ingress and egress from all areas of the building. In addition, recorded closed circuit video monitoring with sufficient clarity to identify people and their activity. Exterior and interior surveillance cameras are in operation 24/7 and are recording and storing video for 90 days All monitoring data or tapes will be saved for a minimum of 90 days.

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Our facilities are equipped with state of the art security and fire protection systems that are independently monitored 24/7. The fire protection system is on 24/7 and the burglary alarm is activated whenever the facility is left unattended.

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Each of our locations are equipped with ample outside lighting that is set to be automatically be on from dusk to dawn, and inside security lights are to be left on whenever the facility is unattended.

Daily Record Storage Facility Preparations/Inspections

The daily operation of our records centers the backbone of our business. The following operations procedures are in place to ensure the secure operations of our warehouses:

• Our warehouse Mangers will complete a visual inspection of the facility at the beginning and end of each working day.

• Managers will look for breaches in security and make sure that the floors are completely clean.

• All lighting and utilities will be checked and any deficiencies or maintenance requirements will be noted and taken care of.

• Managers are responsible for making sure that all warehouse and delivery staff is wearing company issued uniforms and Identification Badges.

• Managers will inspect all warehouse equipment like forklifts, pallet jacks to make sure they are in good working order.

• Managers will inspect our company vehicles to ensure road worthiness and verify that all proper paperwork for the vehicle’s most recent inspection comply with the time frames stated in the applicable state law regarding the nature and frequency of inspections.

• Managers will inspect our company vehicles to verify that all cab doors and truck boxes are lockable and that locks work properly

If you have any questions about our records centers or the document storage services we provide please give us a call.

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