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When you’re subject to close inspection and strict regulations, you need to know that your business records are protected at all times. Whether you’re a bank or in a financial industry that handles thousands of documents a year or dealing with documents for financial statements you need to securely store and protect the documents. Time Document Storage can get a quote in your hands today so you can start storing your files tomorrow.

Our customer service team is available by phone or simply use our quote tool to inquire about the offsite storage of your records. Let us know what you are looking for and let our experts put together a storage plan specific to your needs.

Off-site storage is a cost-effective solution

Storing your files at a secure, off-site facility means that you can rest assured knowing that your confidential and important company records are as safe as possible.

Time Document Storage is a locally owned company that has the resources to respond quickly to our client’s requests.

Fast Access To Your Stored Documents

Just as important as securely storing your documents is having access to them when you need them. With Time Document Storage you can have files delivered back to your office the same day as your request. We offer normal service which is the next business day after your request or priority service which is the same day. Your documents will be delivered into your office by our staff and placed where you want them.

Scan on Demand Service

If you don’t need an entire file or you can’t wait for a document to be delivered you can get faster service with our Scan on Demand option. We can pull a file or document scan it to a digital format and email to you.

Secure Shredding of Financial Records

Our records management experts will help you implement a secure retention and destruction program so you can manage your physical records offsite. Our paper shredding service will not only help you maintain the privacy of your clients’ files but also reduce your storage costs by only maintaining the records in storage that you need too. We offer NAID AAA Certified which will help to maintain your compliance with all applicable state and federal privacy laws.

Advantages of Financial Services Records Storage with Time Document Storage

Our Financial Services records storage services provide banks and private sectors with numerous advantages, including the following.

• Reduce office space requirements and expenses.
• More efficient use of your office space.
• Quicker and easier file access.
• Our indexing and scan-on-demand services make it easy to retrive files right when you need them.
• Better security and HIPAA compliance.
• Timely destruction of all the financial records when retention requirements have been met.

Do you need more information or are you ready to get a quote to store your documents offsite? Give Time Document Storage a call today!

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