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Work with a local company that focuses on providing your firm with excellent and convenient archiving services you need and deserve. Give Time Document Storage a call today so we can start moving your records into one of our secure

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We make it simple to start storing your business records as soon as you need to do it. Give us a call and speak to one of our local customer service staff. They are experts with the proper storage of company documents and they will be able to answer all your questions and explain our services. They will give you a telephone quote and then send you a complete proposal by email. You can schedule the pickup of your boxed files on the same call or call us back after you have reviewed the proposal.

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When you need to retrieve a box or file from storage all you have to do is give us a call, send an email, send a fax or use our online customer portal. We offer same day and next day delivery and pick up of your records. You files will be delivered by our staff right to your office. Getting access to documents has never been easier.

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Your business records are an important asset to the operation of your company and they have to be located when you need them. Time Document Storage will work with you to inventory your documents so they can be located and pulled quickly when you need them from one of our records centers. Your boxes of files will be bar-coded and cross referenced using your own terminology and metatags. You will be able to request boxes and or files using our bar-code or any of your unique files identifiers or metatags.

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Our Records Centers adhere to strict security protocols. Our facilities have 24/7 monitored perimeter security. Interior security, controlled entry and fire detection and suppression systems. Only our trained and vetted staff works in our facilities. Visitors are chaperoned at all times.

You Can Trust The Team At Time Document Storage

The long-term archiving of documents is a growing burden for businesses and organizations across every industry. The requirement to comply with ever changing regulations while managing risk and fully utilizing their information assets is requiring companies to look for more sophisticated off-site archive storage solutions. With Time Document Storage you can FREE up valuable office space, comply with regulations, increase staff performance and reduce costs. Our Off-site Archive Storage Services will also help to reduce the risk to your firm from the effects of a disaster in your offices. Off-site Archive Storage is an essential part of any disaster recovery plan.

Offsite File Storage Helps Manage Your Records

Time Document Storage’s online customer application provides easy internet management of your boxed records for convenient searching, tracking and making service requests from any computer. With easy and secure login you can search through your offsite inventory, locate files and boxes and arrange for them to be quickly scanned and emailed or delivered to your office. Storing with Time Document Storage will free-up valuable office space without sacrificing convenient access to your files.

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