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We make the process easy and quick to get your boxed files out of your office and into one of our secure record storage centers. We lay out the simple process here and you can get started today.

Whether you’re a small company looking to make room in your office or a large business that needs to securely store its records offsite, our document storage solutions is your best alternative. Saving you both time, money and freeing up valuable space for more productive purposes. Our offsite storage ensures your valuable business information is protected and available when you need it.

STEP ONE: Give Us A Call To Get A Document Storage Quote

Our experienced staff is standing by to take your call and help you store your business files. They will take the time to explain our services and provide you with a pricing. We will follow up by emailing you a written quote that will detail all the services and costs. If you are ready to proceed we can schedule the pickup of your cartons right away.

STEP TWO: Files Need To Be Boxed

The document storage process starts with boxing up your records. All types of documents from client files, financial records to medical charts can be safely stored in our archive boxes or tote cartons. You can use your own storage boxes or we will happily supply them for you. You can pack the cartons yourself or have our staff do it for you.

STEP THREE: Number The Boxes & Identify The Contents

To be able to pull and deliver files and boxes to you from storage we need to be able to identify the contents of each box. The first thing to do is to number each carton. You can use your own internal numbering system that we will cross reference with our bar-code number or you can use our bar-code number, whichever is best for you. We also suggest that you create a spread sheet that lists the boxes by number and a specific description of the contents. The more information you provide the more search alternatives we will have. We will upload that spread sheet into our document management system. We will be happy to review the file identifiers you use in your office and how they can best be used for retrieval of your records. If your moving to us from another storage company we can cross reference their box number with our bar-code so it will be an easy and seamless transition.

STEP FOUR: We Move Your Files Into Storage

Our friendly service staff will arrive to collect your boxed documents. Pick up can be arranged immediately or whenever is most convenient for you. Our staff will scan each bar-code. They will verify the number of boxes by the total number of boxes scanned and a manual count. The quantity of boxes will be noted on our work order and will ask you to agree and sign the work order. Boxes will be moved to our truck by our staff and they will never be left unattended. Our trucks remain locked at all times to safeguard your files. Your boxes are transported to one of our high security record centers and they are unloaded right away.

STEP FIVE: Placement in Our File Storage Facility

Once your boxed records are in our center they will be scanned into the facility. The boxes will then be moved from the loading dock area to be placed on shelving. Our shelving is specifically designed to store boxed documents. Each shelf location is also bar-coded. We will place your boxes on a shelf scan the box and location bar-codes so are system is updated.

STEP SIX: Your Files Are Ready For Retrieval

You can retrieve files and boxes whenever you like by contacting us either by phone, email, or via our online document management system. We provide same day and next-day delivery to your location. All retrievals are documented so there is an audit trail for each file and box. This ensures that everyone knows exactly where a particular item is as well as the history of its movements.

STEP SEVEN: Shredding Services

Once your documents come to the end of their retention period or they are just no longer needed we can securely shred them for you. To keep the information on your files confidential it’s imperative that they are securely destroyed. Our state-of-the-art document-shredding equipment will properly destroy your documents so the information is no longer readable.

Whatever your document storage needs are we have the record storage services you’ll need. Give us a call today.

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