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Just placing your boxed files into storage is not enough; you need to make sure they are indexed properly so that folders can be pulled and returned when needed. Time Document Storage can help you do that.

Professional File Indexing

Proper file indexing is the foundation of good records management. Time Document Storage is experienced with helping companies create custom file indexing that allows for internal universal access to your business’s records. Our records management experts help you organize all the paper records you need to store offsite so they can be recalled easily by anyone that needs them in your company. If you already have a file identification system in place we can easily input that data into our system so it can be cross referenced with our bar-code inventory system.

What is Document/File Indexing?

Document indexing is the process of associating specific parameters of information or metadata with a file or box of records. A parameter of information or metadata is a specific tag that allows files to be easily located. Think of a metadata as a keyword you would use to find something on the internet. The same premise applies here with indexing your files. The Indexed information will then be programmed into our document management system, which helps locate your records. Without effective document indexing, retrieving boxes and files can be very time consuming and costly. You might need to access information stored offsite quickly and to do that proper indexing will make it easy to locate exactly what you are looking for so it can be returned to you as soon as possible.

Document Indexing Recommendations

Files and or boxes should be indexed according to your business needs and industry requirements. Often the most valuable result of indexing is the ability to search and retrieve specific documents, files and boxes quickly and easily. So it’s critical that you identify the right type of metadata that is appropriate for each document type. Essentially, the most important index values are the ones that you’ll find easiest to search by. For example when indexing client files, it may be most effective to find the records by client name, client number, phone number, address, type of file, and service provided etc. These are the metadata you will want to use when indexing. You can get as granular as necessary with the creation of metadata tags. Another example is for accounts payable or receivable it would be most effective to index by invoice number, check number or vendor name.

Our indexing and document management system allows you to:

• Access boxes and documents immediately.

• Request files as they are indexed.

• Search by the metadata tags such as dates, account number, department, invoice number or document type or even by whole phrases if that is what you need and use internally.

• A more focused approach to research of company records.

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Want to Know More About File Indexing?

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