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Start storing your business records offsite right away with Time Document Storage.  You can get pricing today and move your file boxes into storage tomorrow.   We make it that easy to securely store your paper records.

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To Start Storing Records Just Give Us a Call

When you call Time Document Storage, you get to speak to one of our local experts based right here on Long Island.  We are a business in your community not some big national conglomerate.  We will provide you with pricing based on the services you need and put it in writing and email it to you right after we get off the phone.  You will also be able to schedule the move of your files into storage right away.

Easy & Quick Access To Your Offsite Record Storage

Having access to your business information is essential with the operation of your company.  Any delay can cost you lost opportunities and revenue.  With Time Document Storage your files can be delivered from storage the day of the request or the following day, it’s up to you.  Your boxed records are loaded on to one of our secure delivery trucks and brought right to your office by our uniformed staff. If you can’t wait for a delivery we have a Scan-on-Demand service where we can pull, scan and email documents to you.

Bar-Code Inventory System

Boxes and containers stored at one of Time’s secure records centers are individually tracked with our records management system. All boxes are bar-coded and we maintain specific data including box description, date ranges, department, retention period and final disposition along with additional fields of information for unique identifiers that are specific to each box or file. A secure web interface allows you to search for boxes and request items at any time of the day.

Secure Records Centers

Our records storage facilities ensure the security and confidentiality of paper files. Our centers are protected by monitored security and fire systems along with interior and exterior CCTV cameras that are recording 24/7.  Your boxed documents are stored on special designed shelving for the long term preservation of documents.

Our Document Storage Services

• Offsite File Storage

• Same Day & Next Day Deliver from storage

• Scan-on -Demand

• File Indexing

• Online Access to your Inventory with custom Reporting

• File Packing Services

• Supply of Boxes

• Document Shredding Services

Why Time Document Storage

Professional archiving of company files at Time Document Storage will help you manage your information on paper and reduce the chance of losing or damaging files, have them stolen or be the cause of a data breach.  We take the time to fully understand the workings of each individual organization we service so we can put together a document storage program that meets their needs.  Our expertise and knowledge enables your business to securely store and have access to your records when you want them.

To get more information or get a quote right away give Time Document Storage a call today!

Give Time Document Storage a call today.

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